Coping with cancer and returning to work

Personal story of recovery highlights 
challenges facing employees, employers
By Jacqueline Cabildo
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 06/27/2019
Cancer Screening
In today’s world, the word cancer is no longer taboo. It’s important for people to talk about it and seek help as needed. Shutterstock

In May 2018, my life changed overnight. I found out through a regular mammogram check-up that further tests were required. When my doctor later read the ultrasound report, she said she didn’t like the results compared to my previous exams.

The words “possible cancer” rang in my ears as I tried to comprehend how this could have happened.

When I informed my doctor of my family history — with a grandmother who died of ovarian cancer at 79 years old and an aunt recently diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer — she quickly got me into Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto for a biopsy.