Worker’s on-site ‘self-love’ doesn’t fly

Washroom activities breach Halifax employer’s harassment policy, code of conduct
By Jeffrey Smith
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 06/27/2019

A Nova Scotia arbitrator has upheld the dismissal of a worker who unsettled many of his colleagues with too much self-love in the office washroom. 

The worker was employed as an aircraft log controller at I.M.P. Group, a company that operates aircraft repair, maintenance and upgrade facilities at Halifax Stanfield International Airport. Hired in 2000, the worker was stationed at a hangar space that could accommodate several aircraft and a three-storey office structure.

I.M.P. Group had a code of business conduct and a policy and procedures manual that made it clear the company expected employees “to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity, and to treat others with fairness, dignity and respect” and prohibited harassment.