Aug 14, 2019

One-third of workers say HR underappreciated

But 39 per cent unaware of tasks, responsibilities of HR: Survey


One-third of Canadians say their HR person or department is underappreciated within their workplace, according to a new survey by ADP Canada and Leger.


That may be because of a lack of awareness of the functions of the HR role, as 39 per cent of respondents admit they are unaware of what tasks and responsibilities their HR person or team performs on a day-to-day basis.


More than one-third (37 per cent) of those surveyed believe the primary responsibility of HR professionals is recruiting and hiring, while 20 per cent believe its primary function is overseeing payroll and benefits. 


However, few recognize HR's role in fostering employee morale, via professional development opportunities, performance recognition, employee training, and developing workplace policies and mechanisms to record and protect employee rights.


Less than 30 per cent of respondents believe these tasks to be amongst the top two responsibilities for their HR teams, found the survey of 1,003 workers.


In addition, 43 per cent believe the role of an HR professional has become more difficult in the last five years, found ADP.


Nearly half (45 per cent) say when they receive a call from HR, they believe they are going to be told about staffing-related workplace changes. Thirty-nine per cent think they are going to be asked to fill out forms while 26 per cent think they are going to get in trouble.



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