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Are your employees truly engaged?

Cloud-based talent management solutions from Telus
November 13, 2018

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  • Microchips

    Wisconsin company embeds employees with microchips

    Implants will allow workers to buy snacks, log in to computers or use the copy machine.
    August 3, 2017
    Global cyberattack

    Cyberattack aftershocks disrupt devices across Asia

    The WannaCry ransomware worm hits governments and businesses across Asia and experts warn of a wider impact to come globally as employees returning from the weekend switch on computers and check e-mails.
    May 15, 2017
  • Automation

    Robots kill more jobs than China: Economists

    U.S. President Donald Trump blames China and Mexico for stealing American jobs. But as Fred Katayama of Reuters reports, economists say most jobs are lost to automation.
    May 2, 2017
    2015 National HR Awards - Technology Innovation Award: Loblaw

    2015 National HR Awards - Technology Innovation Award: Loblaw

    Congratulations to Loblaw, winner of the 2015 National HR Award for Technology Innovation. The annual awards are presented by Canadian HR Reporter, the national journal of human resource management. For more information, visit
    November 16, 2015
  • Managing social media in the workplace

    Managing social media in the workplace

    Pamela Connolly, a lawyer at Bernardi Human Resource Law, talks about social media best practices for employers and HR professionals
    April 15, 2014
    HR technology takes to the cloud

    HR technology takes to the cloud

    When the HRMS Professionals Association held its first Toronto HR technology demonstration day, members had the opportunity to experience the latest software on the market. HR Reporter TV took part in the day and learned technology is becoming more accessible to entire organizations, not just the HR department
    April 17, 2012

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